About Us

Our goal is to help you enjoy the healthy lifestyle that you deserve and desire. We want you to be able to look into the mirror or walk into a crowded room with your head held up high and feel great about yourself.

Our company was founded with two key principles: First and foremost as an educational resource for consumers. We want you to know the truth and educate you so that you do not make mistakes when choosing the right product for you. We do not want you to be fooled by all the misconceptions and lies reported by other sources. Secondly, we aim to help you get focused and change your life forever. We know that it’s often hard to get yourself focused to learn what you need to ultimately change your life for the better – so we strive to present you with all the information you will ever need.

Meet Our Team

The VigorLean™ products are made possible by a dedicated team of people. Everyone on our team brings their unique experiences and knowledge to help make our products great.

Steve Hamilton – founder

Steve has has dedicated himself to teaching others how to improve their lives by educating them and teaching them how to make the right choices. He teaches you how to take control of your personal issues. Steve is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for knowledge and educating. He enjoys sharing what he learns with others.

MaryAnn Farnsworth – Research Director

MaryAnn is a dynamic professional with a Product Management and Product Development background in health and wellness, nutritional supplements, and food science. She makes sure our products remain competitive with national brands by maintaining ongoing product evaluations and continuous improvement processes. She also is responsible for new product development, quality assurance and continuous improvement for products under the company’s expanding private label portfolio.  MaryAnn’s passion originates directly from he own personal struggles with weight.

Jennifer Keets- Customer Satisfaction

Jennifer is very knowledgeable on the VigorLean product line. She is here to make sure that all your needs are provided for. Being overweight herself at one time, she has a passion to help you achieve the results that she has. She oversees the customer service staff to make sure all of our customers and subscribers are satisfied and can reach their goals. We are here to educate you and help you make the right choices to make your life everything you want it to be and more.