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Resveratrol: Does it burn fat?

We have discussed the numerous benefits of resveratrol in a previous article. The goal of this article is to examine if this incredible substance will also help you lose weight. Resveratrol has plenty of different kinds of benefits that will allow you to manage your health, and that is something you must not ignore. Check out our previous article here.

What is Resveratrol Exactly

1 Resveratrol is actually a compound produced naturally by plants. They are common in fruits like grapefruits as well as some nuts. In fact, some would even say that Red Wine would be a good source of Resveratrol, which is probably good news for some of you. The Resveratrol chemical compound itself is part of group of compounds know as “polyphenols”. Primarily, these type of compounds are know for their anti-oxidant properties.

What it Actually Does

In a nutshell, having “anti-oxidant” properties means that they actually reduce the negative effects of aging, and may lower the risk of certain diseases. This is similar to the anti-oxidant effects of coffee and tea basically. By mitigating the effects of cellular degeneration, our body cells and organs are less likely to experience failure.

2 For example, in terms of the heart, having anti-oxidants in your system, it is more likely that you will have healthier blood vessels as those anti-oxidants prevent their degeneration. Beyond this, they will reduce the production of “bad” cholesterol, as well as lessen the risk of blood clots. There have been other reports of possibly helping prevent obesity and diabetes.

Does it help you to lose fat?

So the million dollar question is, will taking Resveratrol help you lose fat? The truth of it is, that it may help you manage your weight if done correctly. However it does not do this by “burning” your fat directly.

3What Resveratrol may do is help you improve your metabolism. With the added effect of assisting your blood vessels, your whole body may operate more efficiently, with a proper rate of metabolism. Add to this some good cardiovascular exercises, and you will possibly see better results in managing your weight.

The French Paradox

4 While MOST of the studies regarding Reservertrol involve animals, the key issue that did shed light of the beneficial effects of this compound, and to a larger context its source was the so called “French Paradox”. This curious phenomenon is with regards to the low incidence of heart disease in French people even though they eat a similar amount of high fat foods just like Americans. The only difference was that French people drink more Red Wine.

Is Resveratrol Ok for me?

In the proper amounts, taking Resveratrol, and anti-oxidants in general is a good thing. If regularly drinking moderate amounts of Red Wine sounds good to you, there should be no trouble at all. In terms of supplements, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor or nutritionist for the correct dosage of Resveratrol supplements. As long as you take the right amounts, it may help you manage your health.

At VigorLean™ we believe in adding natural ingredients like this to our formulas to maximize the potential health and overall fitness of our customers. Adding Resveratrol is an excellent idea to add to your routine because it may help your body work more efficiently.

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Is Resveratrol the secret to a healthier life?

Drink Up! This may be the most enjoyable health advice you hear.

There has been a constant quest to live forever. The search for the fountain of youth goes back to Ponce De Leon and probably even further than that. Well, there is no Fountain of Youth yet but in terms of helping you live a longer and healthier life a compound called Reveratrol may be the answer you have been looking for. At VigorLean™ we are always on the lookout for natural, healthy solutions that work. The good news is, this isn’t some artificial or synthetic chemical. It is actually naturally occurring in nature, as well as in some great food and drinks such as Red Wine.

The Science of Living Healthier

1 In the March 2013 issue of SCIENCE, researchers found “conclusive and convincing” evidence that Resveratrol, the compound that is found in Red Wine, can directly activate a special protein that actually helps with longevity and general health. 2More specifically, they refer to the SIRT1, which when activated will help in longevity. The statement continues that this was observed in “animal models”. Implying by effect that in test cases with animals, longevity is observed, and it “might” also show promises for Humans.

The Evidence

1 In those tests, not only did they observe extended lifespans for Mice, Bees and Flies, but in Mice in particular they saw also an Immunity to Obesity and Diabetes. All of this occurred simply by adding regular Resveratrol to those animals. Now, the key point here is that this was tested in many animals, but still not in humans at a clinical level. So the premise is there but no direct evidence for humans yet.

The Historical Trend

There is something known as the 3“French Paradox”. The paradox goes, that while Americans and the French eat similar fatty, high calorie foods, the French people seem to have lower rates of heart disease. They associate this with a higher incidence of consuming wine in France than in America. Hence, with healthier people drinking wine with the same fatty diet, the conclusion was that something in the drink was causing this, and in particular the antioxidants in Red Wine, and its Resveratrol.

So can you live forever?

Well the goal of anti-aging is not really to live forever. It is to live healthy. Living life to its fullest potential. No, Resveratrol will not allow you to live forever, but this does not mean that you cannot live a “longer” and “healthier” life. The historical trends and studies prove that there is something beneficial in consuming this compound. So be it in Red Wine or as capsule supplements, you might want to at least try out. The potential benefits are too good not to.

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African Mango – Is This What African’s use to Stay Fit?

Image By DXLINH [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the more recent supplements to hit the market. African Mangoes, or if you want the more technical term they are called “Irvingia Gabonensis” and the extract that comes from it turns out to be very interesting. Don’t let the terminology turn you off though. It is a simple fruit and more particularly plant extract that is said to actually help your healthy lifestyle.

Now, most anyone that has been struggling with weight loss for any period of time knows that such promises are routinely tossed around casually. Our mission at Vigorlean™ is to dig into the research and separate fact from fantasy. Our research determined that African Mango’s do look promising if you are looking to add to your fitness regimen.

In fact, with African Mangoes and its effects, here is what one researcher studying the effects of Irvingia Gabonensis said:

“The consumption of Irvingia Gabonensis, a fleshy West African fruit, is common in traditional Nigerian and Cameroonian cuisine. Initial observations suggested beneficial changes in metabolic parameters were associated with the high fiber content of Irvingia gabonensis“

-Julius Oben PHD


Sounds Complicated…
What is this really all about?

The data trickling in about African Mangoes and extracts is pretty simple. 1According to to Dr. Oben as mentioned above, taking the Mango Seed extract twice a day, induced significantly measurable improvements in test subjects.

Image By Phuthinhco See 4Endnotes

Now, the potential source of these results, as the earlier quote has said is due to the high fiber content. This is primarily applicable when you are consuming the fruit directly. In terms of extracts itself, 2the study did also reveal other effects like improvements in blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and the “C-Reactive Protein”.

As we have discussed many time before, controlling the amount of sugars allowed into the blood stream has a direct impact on weight loss among many other popular health concerns.

To makes sense of it all, the African Mango extract, may help your body become more efficient.

Has it been proven?

Besides the study by Dr. Oben, there are other 2studies in Lipids and Health that obtained similar results when the African Mango extract is combined with “Cissus”. With 72 participants, taking either the supplement or a placebo, Cisus mixture and the Mango and Cissus mixture, the one with the African Mango showed the best results. So there is already some additional proof that there is a correlation may exist.

The Fine Print

It is important to note however, that the studies are still not 100% sure. And as one 3doctor put it, its ability to incur this change is mostly based out of its fiber content. , . The implications are that while the extract works, it might be similar to other supplements and food items that are high in fiber. So there might be cheaper high fiber alternatives to the extract.

In the end though, remember that the “magic pill” myth, is just a myth. There is proof that African mangoes may help you. However, it will not do so without extra help from you. A proper diet, and good exercise is still the time-tested solution for having a healthy body, and these supplements are only there to aid you in the process.

Our researchers at VigorLean™ give African Mango a thumbs up and would definitely add it to any plan.

In fact, we were so impressed we’ve added it to our formula. Check it out now!

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Kelp – Can this ocean plant help with weight loss?

Kelp might not be anyone’s first choice when it comes to sitting down to your perfect meal or hunting for that right diet supplement, but there has been some scientific buzz that may have you changing your mind. Science is discovering why Sea Kelp may support you in your quest. Don’t worry; you’re not going to have to start eating sea plants in place of real food. In fact, this solution may help you to be able to enjoy more of the food you love to eat.

What is Sea Kelp Anyway?

For those like me that had no idea, Sea 1Kelp are basically large seaweeds and they grow collectively in large kelp forests. Varieties of kelp are actually rich in Iodine and Alkali. Kelp is found in a variety of Asian food dishes. Others, burn kelp into powder, using them as ingredients in popular foods like Ice Cream, Jelly and Salad Dressings. Kelp is also be processed and used in the production of toothpaste, soap and other industrial processes.

Now how does it help?

Let us get to the meat of our topic. Can kelp help you? Studies have shown it to be nutritious and can help you in a variety of ways.

  1. Improved Metabolism – Kelp has been known to have high levels of Iodine. Iodine is needed by your body to help keep your thyroid gland functioning perfectly. A well functioning thyroid gland is required for a more efficient metabolism.
  1. Includes More Vitamins and Minerals for support2Also besides Iodine, organic kelp, kelp extracts and kelp pills actually have a variety of different vitamins and minerals that serve as great supplements for a healthy body. 3Like many vegetables they provide essential body minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron.
  1. Source of Fucoidans4Finally, Kelp has Fucoidans, which other land vegetables do not have. This substance naturally occurs in seaweeds and has been shown to support your immune system and general cell functions.

You Don’t Have To Eat Kelp

5Kelp comes in many forms nowadays. There is its raw organic form that comes from certain types of dishes. Its powdered or liquid form can be mixed in as an important ingredient in other specific kinds of recipes. There is also Kelp or seaweed in pill form, which serves as a supplement taken orally. Others even mix in kelp extract in salads as well as smoothies.

We recommend that you use a supplement that includes kelp as well as other ingredients that make losing weight and fitting into your skinny jeans easier.

Does Kelp truly Work?

Definitely consuming Kelp either in its original organic form or in the form of supplements can help. They do support different body functions in different ways to aid in your journey.

However, it will not by itself help you loose weight. It is a supplement, a support ingredient for your current diet plan and exercise campaign. Every little thing will help when it comes to weight loss, and consuming Kelp either in pill form or in its other states can definitely become another tool in your arsenal.

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Grapefruit – A miracle weight loss fruit or waste of time?

You can never go wrong with fruit really. Ask any health professional, and part of the best diets will always include some sort of fruit. From Oranges with Vitamin C, to Apples that can help keep us healthy, the fruits and their benefits are numerous and wide ranging. However, did you know that certain fruits may actually help you lose weight? That’s right, the grapefruit has been reported to actually aid in weight loss. Lets take a look at this special fruit and see how it can help you.

And don’t worry, there is a solution even if you hate the taste of grapefruit!

Can this fruit help you?

Well there are actually several ways a grapefruit may be able to help. It’s probably not what you may be thinking. It is not its sweet tangy taste, nor its purported reserves or vitamin C. While grapefruit is already a very healthy choice in your diet, it actually has been shown to have the following effects…

  1. Replacement for your sweets – Be it sweets for your salad, or sweets for dessert, the grapefruit can be a low-calorie alternative to any other fruit or pastry in your meal. By using a low calorie replacement, any diet plan with exercise can have more room to breathe as you count the calories.
  1. Feeling Fuller Faster1Another simple benefit of eating grapefruits is that you feel fuller faster when eating it. The faster we feel full, the less we eat on meals, and the less your calorie intake.
  1. Manage Cravings2Besides feeling full, some studies have found that even just the smell of grapefruit actually help lessen those food cravings and basically curb your appetite.

But here is the big surprise…

  1. Regulate Metabolism3By controlling sugar levels and insulin, regular grapefruit consumption may actually help regulate a person’s metabolism, helping the body burn calories more throughout the day.

The Science Behind it

4In 2006, the Scripps clinic’s Department of Nutrition and Metabolic Research studied the effects of grapefruit supplement consumption of 91 Obese patients and its effects on Body Weight and their Metabolism. Using controlled experiments with comparison groups, some were given placebos with apple juice, others with a grapefruit juice capsules, another group with pure grapefruit juice, and finally a group were given half a fresh grapefruit regularly with placebo.

The results were very interesting. After 12 weeks, the ones that were given one half of a fresh grapefruit lost 1.6 kilos, the grapefruit juice group lost 1.5 kilos, the grapefruit capsule lost 1.1 kilos and the control group with the placebo lost only 0.3 kilos. So grapefruit consumers not only significantly lost weight, but also their blood insulin levels were much more improved.

Though the study has not found yet the direct link to the effects, it is clear that grapefruit consumption would be a good choice for most people.

Forget weird fad grapefruit diets – there is an easier way…

Because of these studies there are all kinds of weird and potentially dangerous “Grapefruit diets that pop up. Forget about it. You know how dangerous fad diets can be to your health. In addition, grapefruit is an acquired taste, so why suffer. Why not try a supplement that contains grapefruit extract in it. Here is one here that we recommend you check out. It not only contains grapefruit but many other ingredients as well.

You should really have nothing to loose by integrating grapefruits in your diet.

Make it easy… check out our all new formula that includes Grapefruit as only one of nine ingredients.


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