The videos and the other content on this site are available for free, however some of the products or services that we recommend on this site may charge a one-time or a monthly fee with continued use.

While VigorLean™ manufactures and sells our own products we at times, recommend other peoples products. We only recommend products that we have researched and believe to be accurate, safe and worthwhile. We want you to know that sometimes we get a small commission if you sign up for a service or purchase a product after clicking through a link on this site or an email we send.

Here are the guidelines that we operate this site under:

  • We do not accept payment to post a review for any product or service.
  • We invest considerable time and effort to review and test any product or service.
  • We pay out of my own pocket any cost to produce written content, audio, or video that mentions a product or service.
  • If we link to a product or service from this website, you should assume that we may get paid a commission if you purchase or register for that product or service. This isn’t always the case, but you should assume it is anyway so that there is no confusion.
  • Any links to such product or service are added if they are relevant to the content of this website. We do not create posts for the sole purpose of including advertising links.
  • Any commissions that we are paid as a result of links is used to offset the cost of producing the content that we make available on this site for free to everyone. These costs include time, web hosting, email service, web design, software, web development, etc.

I hope this clarifies any questions you may have regarding our relationship to any service or product mentioned here.