Grapefruit – A miracle weight loss fruit or waste of time?

You can never go wrong with fruit really. Ask any health professional, and part of the best diets will always include some sort of fruit. From Oranges with Vitamin C, to Apples that can help keep us healthy, the fruits and their benefits are numerous and wide ranging. However, did you know that certain fruits may actually help you lose weight? That’s right, the grapefruit has been reported to actually aid in weight loss. Lets take a look at this special fruit and see how it can help you.

And don’t worry, there is a solution even if you hate the taste of grapefruit!

Can this fruit help you?

Well there are actually several ways a grapefruit may be able to help. It’s probably not what you may be thinking. It is not its sweet tangy taste, nor its purported reserves or vitamin C. While grapefruit is already a very healthy choice in your diet, it actually has been shown to have the following effects…

  1. Replacement for your sweets – Be it sweets for your salad, or sweets for dessert, the grapefruit can be a low-calorie alternative to any other fruit or pastry in your meal. By using a low calorie replacement, any diet plan with exercise can have more room to breathe as you count the calories.
  1. Feeling Fuller Faster1Another simple benefit of eating grapefruits is that you feel fuller faster when eating it. The faster we feel full, the less we eat on meals, and the less your calorie intake.
  1. Manage Cravings2Besides feeling full, some studies have found that even just the smell of grapefruit actually help lessen those food cravings and basically curb your appetite.

But here is the big surprise…

  1. Regulate Metabolism3By controlling sugar levels and insulin, regular grapefruit consumption may actually help regulate a person’s metabolism, helping the body burn calories more throughout the day.

The Science Behind it

4In 2006, the Scripps clinic’s Department of Nutrition and Metabolic Research studied the effects of grapefruit supplement consumption of 91 Obese patients and its effects on Body Weight and their Metabolism. Using controlled experiments with comparison groups, some were given placebos with apple juice, others with a grapefruit juice capsules, another group with pure grapefruit juice, and finally a group were given half a fresh grapefruit regularly with placebo.

The results were very interesting. After 12 weeks, the ones that were given one half of a fresh grapefruit lost 1.6 kilos, the grapefruit juice group lost 1.5 kilos, the grapefruit capsule lost 1.1 kilos and the control group with the placebo lost only 0.3 kilos. So grapefruit consumers not only significantly lost weight, but also their blood insulin levels were much more improved.

Though the study has not found yet the direct link to the effects, it is clear that grapefruit consumption would be a good choice for most people.

Forget weird fad grapefruit diets – there is an easier way…

Because of these studies there are all kinds of weird and potentially dangerous “Grapefruit diets that pop up. Forget about it. You know how dangerous fad diets can be to your health. In addition, grapefruit is an acquired taste, so why suffer. Why not try a supplement that contains grapefruit extract in it. Here is one here that we recommend you check out. It not only contains grapefruit but many other ingredients as well.

You should really have nothing to loose by integrating grapefruits in your diet.

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