Is Resveratrol the secret to a healthier life?

Drink Up! This may be the most enjoyable health advice you hear.

There has been a constant quest to live forever. The search for the fountain of youth goes back to Ponce De Leon and probably even further than that. Well, there is no Fountain of Youth yet but in terms of helping you live a longer and healthier life a compound called Reveratrol may be the answer you have been looking for. At VigorLean™ we are always on the lookout for natural, healthy solutions that work. The good news is, this isn’t some artificial or synthetic chemical. It is actually naturally occurring in nature, as well as in some great food and drinks such as Red Wine.

The Science of Living Healthier

1 In the March 2013 issue of SCIENCE, researchers found “conclusive and convincing” evidence that Resveratrol, the compound that is found in Red Wine, can directly activate a special protein that actually helps with longevity and general health. 2More specifically, they refer to the SIRT1, which when activated will help in longevity. The statement continues that this was observed in “animal models”. Implying by effect that in test cases with animals, longevity is observed, and it “might” also show promises for Humans.

The Evidence

1 In those tests, not only did they observe extended lifespans for Mice, Bees and Flies, but in Mice in particular they saw also an Immunity to Obesity and Diabetes. All of this occurred simply by adding regular Resveratrol to those animals. Now, the key point here is that this was tested in many animals, but still not in humans at a clinical level. So the premise is there but no direct evidence for humans yet.

The Historical Trend

There is something known as the 3“French Paradox”. The paradox goes, that while Americans and the French eat similar fatty, high calorie foods, the French people seem to have lower rates of heart disease. They associate this with a higher incidence of consuming wine in France than in America. Hence, with healthier people drinking wine with the same fatty diet, the conclusion was that something in the drink was causing this, and in particular the antioxidants in Red Wine, and its Resveratrol.

So can you live forever?

Well the goal of anti-aging is not really to live forever. It is to live healthy. Living life to its fullest potential. No, Resveratrol will not allow you to live forever, but this does not mean that you cannot live a “longer” and “healthier” life. The historical trends and studies prove that there is something beneficial in consuming this compound. So be it in Red Wine or as capsule supplements, you might want to at least try out. The potential benefits are too good not to.

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End Notes

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