Scientific Breakthrough: Is Green Coffee a Scam?

Green Coffee? Have you heard of it yet? There is a lot of buzz about this in the weight loss community. Is this a true weight loss breakthrough or just another disappointment?

What is Green Coffee ?

Green coffee, coffee beans that are un-roasted is being promoted as one of the newest kinds of supplements that promote weight loss.

There is a lot of scientific evidence that a special ingredient found only in Green Coffee Beans may actually be the solution that everyone has been looking for.


Is There Scientific Evidence?

A 1University of Scranton study that showed a strong correlation between Green Coffee supplement consumption with weight loss in overweight volunteers. Let us delve into this further and take a close look at what they discovered.

Losing Weight Without Dieting, Is This Realistic?

In the University of Scranton study, participants were given varying doses of a Green Coffee Extract in separate six week periods. During that time, they measured the participants’ weight, body mass index as well as their percentage body fat. The interesting thing to note here is that they did not change the participants’ diet at all.

What Were the Results?

The results? Well, according to the study, there were significant reductions in term of body weight, body mass index and body fat. In particular, for weight loss there was around an 8 kg reduction ( thats17.637 lbs) (−8.04 ± 2.31 kg), for body mass index it was almost a 3 point reduction (−2.92 ± 0.85 kg/m2) , while for percentage fat, about a 4 percent reduction (−4.44% ± 2.00%) .

Table Source: Copyright © 2012 Vinson et al, publisher and licensee Dove Medical Press Ltd.

Is it possible or even realistic to lose weight without changing the way you eat or exercise?

The data does speak for itself. Within a few weeks, all of the factors that people watch in weight loss are reduced. Keep in mind that the study did not alter the diet and lifestyle of the people who participated in the study. This means that even by consuming those supplements alone, quantifiable weight loss is possible. Imagine how much better your results could be if you are also already on a proper diet and regular exercise program which we recommend.

Is This Study Valid?

While the results seem promising, their participant numbers are low at only 16. 10 of the participants showed 10% weight loss, five of them showed only 5% weight loss and then one only lost 4% of their body weight. Also keep in mind that all participants were classified as overweight.

So the results as usual, can very depending on the person, and the effect so far can only be correlated to overweight people. Beyond these limitations though, the study is indeed more than just a little promising.

Are there Risks to Green Coffee?

The good news is, there is really no Risk to Green Coffee. According to 2WebMD, it is safe based on the studies done so far. It has no real serious side effects, and the only thing of note would be that it also contains caffeine. That in itself is safe of course under normal consumption, so there really is no real danger in consuming these kinds of supplements.

Should you try Green Coffee?

To summarize, Green Coffee supplements, according to many different studies, can encourage weight loss from overweight people. It is natural and not artificially created. Even without any addition of serious exercise or regulated diet, it can help reduce one’s weight. There is no serious risk from normal consumption of it. All in all, with low risk and possibly high reward, it is something worth exploring, especially if other supplements have failed in the past. For a Green Coffee Supplement that also includes 8 additional ingredients check this out now!


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